We are a community that is friendly, relaxed, open and welcoming, drawn from a range of cultures, and lifestyles.

We are in a unique setting, part of a multi faith neighbourhood, with established community links and projects. Our unique liturgy, music, community outlook and social activities enable the church to connect with its many members.

Queens Park is an established self contained urban neighbourhood of around 9000 people, located close to the town centre and railway station and bordering the River Great Ouse.  Initially built to provide housing for the workforce of a local engineering firm, W.H. Allen, (which subsequently became Rolls Royce), Queens Park has seen successive waves of immigration  through the decades, creating a wonderfully diverse, interconnected and welcoming community.  There are three schools within the Parish, (one secondary, two Primary Academies), all within walking distance of All Saints.

Our church community is wide and varied both culturally and in terms of age, (ranging from babies to the elderly).  Just less than half of the congregation live in Queens Park; of those who live in other parts of the town, many have long standing family roots in our neighbourhood. The church plays a key role locally, through the various music and sports projects led by Faith In Queens Park, and especially the Faith Tour provision for visiting school students, in which we work together with the local Mosque and Gurdwara.