Faith in Queens Park

Faith in Queen’s Park is a unique feature of our ethnically diverse parish, in which we work closely with leaders of the nearby Mosque and Gurdwara to serve our community. The five projects – Faith Tours, Fusion Youth Singing, All Saints Basketball Club, Queen’s Park Youth Cricket and Queen’s Park Football – use sport and music to bring our community together and help individuals flourish. In a typical week, almost 250 young people will participate in one of the projects.

In a typical year, our Faith Tours enable 5000 or so youngsters and nearly 1000 adults from Bedford and far beyond, to experience a tour of the Mosque, the Gurdwara and the Church. Each place of worship provides it’s own guides and volunteers to do their one hour tour and presentation. For more information about Faith in Queens’s Park or to book a tour online, visit our website at Queen’s Park Lives (a heritage project which attracts older people) began under Faith in Queens’s Park and now operates as an independent, but closely linked group.